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Joe Grah is an American singer-songwriter best known for being the lead singer of the Dallas based Alt-rock juggernaut Jibe, Island Def-jam recording artist Loser, and Chicago’s South Of Earth. His songs have played in regular rotation on radio stations across the United States and featured worldwide in film & television.
I still remember my first bleed, the way you tore so slowly into me, the world was shakin' my head passed out and I kissed the ground
Seven Minutes - Joe Grah

Early life
Joe Grah, born Joseph Richard Grah in Philadelphia, PA, to parents Rich & Linda (Murphy) Grah.

Joe spent his childhood roaming the country with his hippie nomadic father, landing temporarily in many States. Joe's father Rich exposed a young and eager boy to an entirely different way of looking at life. This included an extensive record collection with an endless supply of Motown 7" singles and just about everything imaginable on vinyl. Rich also turned Joe on to unsung forefathers like Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce through books and conversation.

Grah occupied his teen years with stints as a successful nationally touring
Bicycle Motocross Racer and later a semi-professional Street Skateboarder. He eventually went on to play the drums in various bands including Oklahoma City's thrash-metal-kings Carnage, Tulsa power-metal trio Morbid Truth, and straight-edge hardcore punk band Crimes Against Humanity.

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Joe moved to Dallas, TX in March of 1994. There, he created the late 1990s - early 2000s Alt-rock juggernaut Jibe. Driven by Grah's chaotic & intense performances, the band's grueling tour schedule and notorious live shows garnered the band national attention. In 2000, and after yet another intense touring season, Jibe released their third record, In My Head” achieving regular airplay at several alternative radio stations and underlining the bands increasing prevalence. The song "I'll Meet You Half Way" even made it all the way to #1 on KXUL in Monroe, Louisiana. Rounding out an already busy 2000 Jibe appeared on USA Networks Farmclub as a featured act at the North Texas New Music Festival. On July 8, 2003, Jibe released "Uprising" the bands fourth album. The first single "Yesterday's Gone" climbed the charts to No. 1 and Top 10 on over two dozen radio stations throughout the Midwest eventually peaking at No. 26 on the 2003 National Rock Charts (Radio & Records), and #71 of Top 100 Rock Tracks of 2003 (Radio & Records). Jibe also filmed the video for "Yesterdays Gone" on locations in Dallas, TX. The albums second single "Rewind" added to the band’s success on radio stations across the region.

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To add to the bands growing list of achievements Jibe swept the 2003 KEGL Local Show Awards by taking home Album Of The Year, Uprising, Song Of The Year, "Yesterday's Gone" and Male Vocalist Of The Year Joe Grah.

Jibe made their return to television when the song
"Hypocrite" featured on One Tree Hill episode #1.05 "Every Night is Another Story”. Adding to an already amazing year, the Dallas Cowboys chose “Yesterdays Gone” as their 2004 Pre-season game theme song. The track played on television and in Texas Stadium where the songs lyrics would flash across the screen.

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June 2006 Joe Grah appears in 944 Magazine as a full page print model for Duarte Clothing alongside pro athletes, actors, and entertainers.

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September of 2006, Joe joins forces with Geno Lenardo. Lenardo was the key guitar player, songwriter in the Platinum selling band Filter. South Of Earth wrote and recorded in Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta. The band included basist Bill Gower from Boy Hits Car and drummer Joe Babiak from Kill Hannah. SOE shot the video for their first single, "God 2 Get Down" on location at DePague County Airport in Chicago, IL. In addition to the original "G2GD" single, Chicago remix duo Black Antler released their club remix version of "God 2 Get Down."

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Joe Grah appears alongside Slash, Jerry Cantrell, Duff Mckagan, and others as a model for Sorum-Noce's 2009 clothing line. Sorum-Noce is the brainchild of Joe's close friend, Italian clothing designer Max Noce, along with Guns n Roses drummer Matt Sorum.

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Sometime in 2010, growing weary of an endless string of band endeavors, Joe obtains a small pro-tools rig and begins the arduous task of learning digital recording. While fumbling through experimentation, a small catalog of unreleased songs birth themselves into existence, occasionally Grah calls on personal friends like Chris Wyse of the Cult, Charles Lee Salvaggio (TOADM, Filter, Loser), and many others to play on select tracks, even bonding musically with one guitar player in particular. The result being two very different records one comprised of world music, the other an ass kicking rock record.

On September 10, 2010, Swedish band
Cervello released their major label debut on Supernova records. The band chose as the first single the “First Time,” written by Joe Grah, John 5 and Bob Marlette for Loser’s Island Def-jam debut release.

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In early 2011 Joe wrote and recorded "New Machine,” the song featured in the film "Best Dramatic Short". Grah also appears in the film performing the track in the closing sequence. Meanwhile, the guitar player Joe had been working with finally made his inevitable exit, leaving Joe with an unavoidable conclusion... Initially intended as uncompromised solo project, Grah upgraded and installed the pro-tools rig directly into his bedroom setting himself on a path of unhinged self exploration. “I locked myself down for long periods of time to face past experiences, current dilemmas, and unresolved issues as I recorded the process.” A combination of live instrumentation and electronic elements allow ambient beats to drive intimate conversations as they crash seamlessly into lush vocal soundscapes. From Alt-pop influenced “Back To Good” to four on the floor rocker “West High Life” Grah sings every word like it is his last in this genre defying collection of listener friendly songs.

Dallas Alt-rock Juggernaut Jibe, following a notorious 11 year split, reform and sellout reunion show in under 10 hours.

On June 26, 2015, after 11 years apart, Dallas Alt-rock juggernaut Jibe secretly entered a Texas studio to begin pre-production for the follow up to 2003's epic release, Uprising.

The people have spoken: On Friday, July 17, Jibe sold out their September 25, 2015, Dallas reunion show in just 10 hours. Joe, Toby, Ben & Corey are grateful and excited with the overwhelming response to their long, over-due return.
November 2016 JIBE drops
The Human Condition single/video exclusively with Revolver magazine

April 2017 JIBE drops
We've Only Just Begun single/video exclusively with magazine

September 2017 JIBE drops
Release single/video exclusively with Loudwire Magazine

October 2017 - JIBE release new full-length concept album
Epic Tales Of Human Nature
Band Actualize flag & screen B&W
"Yesterday’s gone. Tomorrow never knows. Today will never be the same again."
– Jibe, "Yesterday’s Gone", Uprising

Funny how these simple perceptive words can impact a listener with such devastation that it can forever alter their mindset. This brutal truth coupled with the band’s passionate live display made Jibe standout in Dallas’ music scene, and elevated the artists, along with their relentless touring schedule, to a national presence.

The releasing and unleashing of instinctual energy is what a live Jibe experience is all about. The band’s dynamic, adrenaline-fueled performance motions the crowd to become lost in the thrill of the moment. Spontaneous shifts and bursts inspire both the band and fans actions as front man Joe Grah often joins the two by blindly leaping into the arms of the audience. Chaotic and intense, each live Jibe show, much like their album Uprising, exudes a feeling of elation.
Uprising captures twelve dynamic rock tracks exploring Jibe’s reckless, melodic artistry. Defined as four unique entities moving together on a parallel path to achieve harmony and accord, Uprising specifically explains the curious unicity of Jibe’s remarkable sound.

The men of Jibe crossed paths in Dallas, TX after originating in four different parts of the country. Joe Grah (vocals), Toby Bittenbender (guitar), Ben Jeffries (drums) and Corey Tatro (bass) have performed over 2,500 shows as a band and successfully built a brotherhood alongside a flourishing audible sensation. Exercising their thirst for sweat and fan interaction Jibe has taken to countless stages from West Hollywood (Viper Room, Roxy) to New York (C.B.G.B.’s). The band has toured with the Toadies, Marilyn Manson, Kings Of Leon, Nickelback, Staind, Sevendust, Godsmack, Suicidal Tendencies, Damage Plan, Seether, Drowning Pool, Saliva, Jerry Cantrell, Shinedown, Our Lady Peace, Lit, Sammy Hagar, Oleander, Billygoat, Creed, Fastball, Ours, David Lee Roth & countless other bands from around the world.

Jibe received radio success from Uprising’s first single "Yesterday’s Gone" and watched it climb the charts and playlists of several rock, alternative, and active rock radio stations.

#71 Rock Track in the U.S. (Top 100 Rock Tracks of 2003 Radio & Records)
#26 National Rock charts (Peaked Radio & Records)
#1 KDGE Dallas (2 weeks)
#1 KEGL Dallas
#1 KEGL Rock 20 Countdown (4 weeks)
#1 KROX Austin (2 weeks)
#1 KTUX Shreveport
#1 KXUL Monroe (3 weeks)
#5 KATT Oklahoma City
#5 KMOD Tulsa
#5 KLAQ El Paso
plus top 20 on over a dozen other stations